Binks Raptor 2 Air Assisted & Airless Spray Outfits

  • Five Year pump warranty
  • Magnetic detent design (patent) for quick stroke change over with no pulse or surge
  • Stainless Steel system – pump and gun
  • All new air assisted airless and airless guns provide latest atomisation technology
  • Modular design for reduced maintenance & down time
  • Self adjusting spring loaded packings with large sight glass for visual packing inspection
  • Three fluid filters to reduce tip blockages and increase production throughput
  • Manufactured to ISO9000, CE Marked & fully ATEX approved.

Air Assisted Airless & Airless Spray Packages Fully Complete and ready to Spray.

Featuring three Binks MX pumps with ratios of 12, 31 and 32:1 Stainless steel pump’s, fully assembled and complete with hoses and the new Binks AA4400M AAA or Airless A3500 Spray Guns.

The Binks Raptor MAX range of tripod, cart and wall mounted spray packages feature the ALL NEW Binks Stainless Steel MX Pump line equipped with the ALL NEW Binks AA4400M Air Assisted Airless

Spray Gun or Binks A3500 Airless Spray Gun. The Raptor MAX outfits have been designed to provide users with a low cost, robust industrial spray outfit, able to apply a wide range of industrial coatings

and providing the very best quality of spray finish.

Typical Applications

  • Furniture & woodworking
  • Aerospace/Aviation
  • Off Road Vehicles
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Truck/Trailer & Chassis makers
  • Plus many others…

Suitable for these materials

  • Wood-Stains, Lacquers & Varnishes
  • Primers, Sealers & Catalysed Lacquers/Materials
  • Solvent OR Waterborne coatings.
  • Enamels & Polyurethane’s.
  • Plus many others…



Binks MX Pump – Cart, Wall or Tripod mounted
Air and Fluid controls
25 litre Suction Hose (Cart and Wall)
7.5 metre (25’) Air (AAA only) and Fluid Hoses
H.P. Fluid Filter

AA4400M* or A3500 (2 trigger) Airless Spray Gun and Tip
(*Tip size to be specified at time of order)
Gun mounted Fluid Filter. Raptor MAX Pump Specification

MX4/12 Ratio 12:1

4 litre per min max fluid delivery Max operating pressure 96 bar

MX4/32 Ratio 32:1

4 litre per min max fluid delivery Max operating pressure 256 bar

MX12/31 Ratio 31:1

12 litre per min max fluid delivery Max operating pressure 248 bar

Binks AA4400M Air Assisted Airless Spray Gun

  • Unique Trans-Tech or HVLP air caps provide a “Softer fine spray” for superior finish quality and higher transfer efficiency than competitors
  • Lightweight and Operator friendly design with lighter trigger pull tension
  • Easy to remove “in-line” needle assembly for quick maintenance
  • Adjustable needle packing and “balanced” air valve design
  • Solid forged gun body for maximum durability and longer life
  • Stainless steel fluid passages with tungsten carbide seats
  • Gun handles Solvent and Waterborne coatings as standard
  • Standard flat tip AND Twist tip cleaner available with a wide range of tips from .007” (0.18mm) to .035” (0.89mm)

The all new Binks AA4400M air assisted airless spray gun has been designed with the operator and environment in mind. This new gun will handle the toughest spray jobs in all industrial markets whilst providing the best fit, feel and the comfort operators demand. The spray gun is available with either HVLP or Trans-Tech© air caps operating at lower fluid and air pressures than competitors to achieve an exceptionally fine finish with superior paint savings and lower energy consumption.

This very versatile hand gun is ideal for spraying wooden products, furniture, heavy plant, commercial vehicle chassis, agricultural machinery, aircraft etc. Operator fatigue and the risk of RSi are considerably reduced due to the light weight, light trigger pull and gun styling.

Technical Specification
Air and fluid inlet thread 1/4” Universal (M)
Fluid passageways stainless steel
Gun weight 490 gm
Gun body forged aluminium
Max working fluid pressure 303 bar (4400 psi)
Max air inlet pressure 6.8 bar (100 psi)
Seat tungsten carbide


AA4400M gun part numbers
0909-4400-HF0000 AA4400M Air assisted airless hand gun withHVLP air cap (Flat tip not included)
0909-4400-LF0000 AA4400M Air assisted airless hand gun withTrans-Tech air cap (Flat tip not included)
0909-4400-HT0000 AA4400M Air assisted airless hand gun withTwist Tip cleaner & HVLP air cap (no tip)
0909-4400-LT0000 AA4400M Air assisted airless hand gun withTwist Tip cleaner & Trans-Tech air cap (no tip)