Airless or Air Assisted Airless?

Within any business, a large and potentially expensive purchase is not a decision that is made lightly. Purchasing spray guns is no exception.

Ignoring the numerous brands and tip sizes, the main decision that must be made when purchasing a new spray gun is the type of system that you are looking for.

Each system operates best for different uses, and without the correct knowledge and research you may end up forking out a large sum of money for something that isn’t suitable for the job at hand.

Airless Sprayers

Airless sprayers as a machine use high pressure fluid, usually at any pressure up to and including 2000 PSI. This type of spraying technique is most commonly used in spraying houses, aiding in renovations, decorating sport arenas, storage tanks and other high status and large projects.

With an airless sprayer, if you have been provided with the correct information, you are able to purchase a hose that will aid you best with the job at hand.

Air Assisted Airless Sprayers

An air assisted airless sprayer on the other hand, will utilise the air around it to help with the paint atomisation and pattern formation. This process will allow for an application at a pressure around 20-40% lower than an airless sprayer would produce.

There are benefits of having less pressure in a spray gun such as the wear and tear that is caused will be significantly smaller, meaning that the repair costs will be smaller. As well as this, a finer finish will be created, due to the softer spray. Because of this, the air assisted airless method is primarily used in spraying items such as doors, metal finishes and shutters; or anything that needs a softer coat.

So what do we recommend?

Over here at SFS we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about our products and our industry, so when it comes to spray guns we do know what we are talking about! For an airless sprayer, we recommend the Graco XTR. When to XTR was launched it changed the industry forever and compliant spray technology was created. Nearly 2 decades later and every spray gun manufacturer have followed the concept for compliant technology. These benchmark guns return the best possible application at a very competitive price. Click here to see more.

In terms of air assisted airless, there was always a clear winner in our eyes. The Graco G40. It provides superior finish quality with tighter pattern widths and higher production speeds. The indexing aircap provides fast and accurate positioning in vertical and horizontal positions. It is one of our favourites! And due to the popularity of last months offer we have decided to keep it rolling for one more month… use code “GRACOJULY18” for 10% off any Graco G40 model!!

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