Binks GEMS 2K Electronic Mixing Solution

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2K Electronic Mixing Solution

  • Operator Friendly Colour Screen Large 7” colour touch screen display enables operators to use and see the status of the machine with ease.
  • Gather Auditing & Reporting Data On-screen and downloadable auditing data as standard to help you improve your spraying process and reduce your paint resin and solvent usage.
  • Programmable Flush To Reduce Wastage Solvent waste is reduced by up to 65% by utilising air and solvent, rather than solvent on its own, to flush mixed materials quickly and efficiently.
  • Accurate Proportioning 1:1 up to 100:1 On target mixing to the correct ratio every time, without any slippage, due to precise electronic dosing.
  • Single or Multi-Colour Available in single, three, or five colour configurations to suit your requirements.


Binks GEMS delivers efficiency and convenience to meet real-world production schedules. Sturdy construction, quality components, ergonomic design, and powerful software make this the workhorse that will keep up with demanding projects.

GEMS is operated through a large 7” touchscreen with readily identifiable icons to provide real time information such as Flow Rate, Pot Life, Current Mix Ratio and Current Colour. Onscreen help is designed to assist operators with fault troubleshooting rather than just meaningless alarm codes.

GEMS’ data capture capabilities provide insights into your daily spraying process and audit your paint resin and solvent usage. GEMS is capable of storing data for distinct production jobs, recording spraying times, colour change information and A / B material and solvent usage.

GEMS will support low pressure applications up to 5 colours and can be configured for use with 2 spray guns.  The precise dosing will always ensure a perfect paint mix and finish.

Typical Industrial Applications

  • Off Road and Earth Moving Vehicles
  • Aerospace / Aviation
  • Fork Lift, Trucks and Trailer
  • General Industry
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Plastic Components
  • Transportation

Suitable for these materials

  • Solvent OR Waterborne Coatings
  • Polyurethanes / Acrylics
  • Isocyanates / Epoxies