Dry Filter Centrifugal Spray Booths

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  • Suitable for the following applications: Powder Coating, Paint Spraying, Polishing & Finishing, Isocyanate Spraying
  • Super quiet ‘Whisper Fans’ for low operating noise levels
  • Manufactured using latest CNC technology giving a superior construction and lasting durability
  • Can be used in a number of applications including:- Powder coating, Paint spraying, Polishing & finishing & Isocyanate spraying
  • Superior design allows ease of replacement for filter media
  • Lower noise level than a axial fan, typically 72-76dB.
  • Aztec system only allows spraying to take place when fans are running and shuts fans off shortly after spraying finishes saving on running costs (optional extra).
  • PIR detectors to switch on lights only when someone is in the booth saving on running costs (optional extra).
  • Conforms to COSHH and current HSE regulations including Noise at Work 2005.


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About our Dry Filter Centrifugal Spray Booths

These Dry Filter Spray Booths incorporate a high performance centrifugal or ‘whisper’ fan and are manufactured using the latest automated CNC and folding machinery. This will ensure the end user of a robust, durable booth that will consistently perform as designed.

In-house installation teams ensure that the highest standards of onsite safety are adhered to. Full commissioning is available giving you the peace of mind that your booth complies with all current applicable regulations.

Further Details


All booths are supplied with 3 phase – 415 volts – 50Hz as standard. Single phase and Flameproof motors can be specified and supplied, please contact our sales team with your requirements.

Electrical Control Equipment

All standard booth range come with direct on line starters. Optional extras: PIR Detectors (Passive Infrared sensors) only allow your booth lights to be on when spraying is taking place. Aztec system only allow your spray booth fans to run when spraying is taking place. Both above are extra to standard, however the energy savings over a 12 month period are favourable, contact one of our sales team for further information.


These light units are an optional extra that can be installed in our booth range. Manufactured from powder coated zintec sheet steel they form a robust and aesthetically looking unit. The unit seals to the booth roof or wall allowing the safety glass to sit on a rubber seal. To complete the unit a 5ft. twin tube fluorescent fitting complete with reflector is supplied.

Extraction Fan

Centrifugal fans, also known as “whisper” fans, are used on dry filter booths to limit the noise level within the booth. The current legislation relating to noise level dictates that when a person is exposed to any noise above 80 dB(A) the person in question must be provided with suitable ear protection. Centrifugal fans usually have an upper noise level below this point and are therefore an ideal solution as an air extraction method. Ducting Sample duct routes are shown in our brochure (pages 20 and 21), along with a basic guide to calculating pressure loss in your proposed duct route. This can also be found under Ducting Calculations. We can provide a booth with fan to support any duct configuration. We advise you contact one of our technical team who can assist you in choosing the correct system for your needs. Too little fan duty selected will result in low booth filter face velocities and could make your booth non-compliant. Too much fan duty selected and you will be using far too much energy to run your process resulting in costly utility bills.