Gas Catalytic Ovens

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  • Flameless Combustion and ATEX Rated
  • Massive energy savings are achievable versus conventional hot air ovens
  • Ideal for Powder Coating and Wet Spray Applications


Infrared catalytic gas heaters emit heat through infrared rays and operate with catalytic combustion in total absence of flame. They are innovative systems designed for pre-heating treatments, curing and drying in the most varied industries. These include the paint, textile, wood and food industries. This catalytic technology enables the manufacture of reliable and compact systems, with easy maintenance, low operating costs and quick treatments with respect for the environment.

Infrared catalytic heaters emit thermal energy through infrared rays (IR). Infrared Radiation is a form of energy transmission with electromagnetic waves (infrared rays). Electromagnetic waves travel in straight lines and are not absorbed by the air, therefore they do not heat the volumes and they only transform themselves to heat when absorbed by organic material. This working principle provides significant energy savings and high quality treatments in a short time.

The infrared wavelengths emitted by the heaters can be modulated, changing the catalytic surface temperature. Therefore, infrared heaters are suitable for different applications considering that they have medium-long wavelengths.

Medium waves reach the exposed objects to be treated without penetrating them, they act only on the surface layers. Therefore they are suitable for liquid and powder painting curing, in textile sector, wood applications, the glass industry and in drying processes with many varying substrates.

Long waves have a low penetration capacity, therefore they are particularly indicated in those treatments where a slight heat penetration is desired or in presence of items with high thermal sensitivity (for example plastic, food products, etc.).

It is very important that the emission source has the correct wavelength for the coating or the substrate to be treated. The right choice of the source determines the efficiency and speed of the process.