Ransburg Ransflex RXi Electrostatic Spray Gun for Waterbased

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RXi is a low pressure air atomising electrostatic spray gun powered by an inbuilt turbine generator. Sprays water based paints without isolation equipment.



The RansFlex RXi is a low pressure, 45kV, air atomising electrostatic spray gun powered by an inbuilt turbine generator. It uses indirect electrostatic charging technology which means there isn’t any need to isolate the waterborne paint feed containers or paint pumps with expensive isolation cages or tanks, saving users significant expense and floor space.

DeVilbiss World renowned air cap atomisation technology is coupled with Ransburg electrostatic power to provide superior atomization, transfer efficiency and performance, all backed by a 5 year limited warranty.

Universal Water Based Paint Compatibility Sprays straight from your regular paint pumps or pressure feed tanks

World Renowned DeVilbiss Atomisation Technology For superior atomization and finish quality.

Ergonomic Fit and Feel The lightweight, curved gun handle required less “grip-force” with a softer trigger pull which means users experience less joint or muscle strain reducing the risk of RSI and operator fatigue.

Easy to use controls On/Off voltage switch is on the gun.

Triple Turbine Protection Three phases of turbine protection include a divorced turbine air supply cartridge, sealed nozzle/atomisation passages and the strategic turbine location provide a long trouble free working life.

RansFlex Key Benefits:

  • Stylized, user friendly knobs.
  • Easy adjustment even with a gloved hand
  • Removable proprietary cascade
  • Optional quick disconnect built into applicator handle
  • Stamped metal trigger for strength and durability
  • Cast stainless steel fluid bracket

Typical applications:

  • Aerospace industry
  • General metal spraying
  • Marine and yacht applications
  • Commercial and off road vehicles
  • Intricate, irregular shaped parts

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