Wagner 2K Comfort

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Mixing and dosing unit for multi-color applications

The WAGNER 2K COMFORT is a new electronically controlled mixing and dosing unit for multi-color applications. Compared to the WAGNER FlexControl Smart, it can process up to 25 colors and four components at the same time. For a highly efficient coating process, the unit can also be integrated into a field bus system.

  • Color change in less than one minute
  • Saves up to 90% solvent during color change
  • Parametrization also possible with tablet PC
  • Best mixing results through AIS technology, patent pending

The WAGNER 2K COMFORT is also available with two fluid circuits which enables the simultaneous application of two different materials with only one unit.


WAGNER has developed an electronic mixing and dosing unit that is specially suited for complex multicolour applications – the WAGNER 2K COMFORT can process up to 25 colours and four components simultaneously. A range of special features enables a safe and efficient mixing process and presents manifold possibilities for the user.

This unit enables color changes in less than a minute, which gives the user more flexibility for his coating process. Additionally, up to 90% solvent are saved as only the gun hose needs to be flushed. With the gun distribution valve of WAGNER, not only can two guns be operated separately from each other, but can also be flushed separately. Thus, waste can be reduced by up to 50%. In order to transmit, for example, information to a higher-level control, the 2K COMFORT can be integrated into a fieldbus system with a gateway. Optionally, the 2K COMFORT is available with two fluid parts which are operated separately from each other by the control unit. For specific applications, this can lead to a considerable reduction of both investment costs and cycle times of the objects to be painted.

The intuitive menu navigation via a touchscreen enables a time-saving communication between user and device. Alternatively, parameters and recipes can also be regulated via a mobile terminal device, e.g. a tablet PC. All process data are evaluated with a PC software.

To ensure a homogeneous mixture of the materials, even under changing conditions, all components of the WAGNER 2K COMFORT are optimally matched: For the material flow measurement, WAGNER can generate the right solution (gear or Coriolis flow meter) to configure the unit to your requirements in the best possible way. The intelligent software controls monitor the mixing results exactly at all times and thereby enable a high reproducibility. The WAGNER AIS dosing system allows a constantly homogeneous addition of the B component and automatically ensures an optimal mixing ratio and constant coating quality even when changing the amount of paint flowing through. The WAGNER IceBreaker feeding pumps are particularly reliable and contribute to a long service life of the 2K system.