PRI-HD Primer spray gun replaced by the new PRI PRO Lite Primer spray gun

DeVilbiss PRi Pro Lite Gravity Spray Gun
DeVilbiss PRi Pro Lite Gravity Spray Gun

With immediate effect , the DeVilbiss PRI-HD Primer spray gun has been replaced by the new DeVilbiss PRI PRO Lite Primer spray gun.

The PRI PRO Lite is based upon the GTI PRO Lite gun body fitted with the same range of primmer fluid nozzle and needle sizes previously used on the PRI-HD – 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 & 2.5.

The new PR10 air cap continues to provide superior atomisation of Primer coatings across the various market sectors served

The following spray guns are discontinued:

  • PRIHD-P1-14
  • PRIHD-P1-16
  • PRIHD-P1-18
  • PRIHD-P1-20
  • PRIHD-P1-25

Replaced by:

  • PRILT-GPR10-14
  • PRILT-GPR10-16
  • PRILT-GPR10-18
  • PRILT-GPR10-20
  • PRILT-GPR10-25

Spares availability for the discontinued products will be unaffected and will continue for a minimum of 5 years, but the old assembled gun part numbers have now been removed from our sales listings.

Take a look at the new DeVilbiss PRI-HD Primer spray gun >

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